Conference Entertainment Ideas

Conference Entertainment Ideas
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Conference Entertainment Ideas

Information On Conference Entertainment Ideas

Corporate entertainment ideas are not hard to find; however, it does require planning and “thinking out of the box.” Employees respond well to corporate entertainment because it gives them an opportunity to have fun with their co-workers and an opportunity to get to know their co-workers on an entirely different level.

One corporate entertainment idea is to have Karaoke party. This can be fun for everyone and you can rent a machine for about $50 for two days. It’s fun to watch others sing out the latest or older songs. Most Karaoke machines can handle small parties, charity events and can include thousands of songs.

Hire a Portrait Artist or a Caricature Artist

Another idea is to hire a portrait artist. Before hiring a portrait artist, ask for references and make sure that the artist knows how many people will be at the event so that he or she brings enough art supplies to the events. Caricature artists sketch people’s portraits by exaggerating their facial features. In most cases, these artists are affordable, usually charging around $150 an hour. What makes idea so good is as the guests leave, they can take home with them their portraits;a reminder of the party and how much fun they had. Learn more ideas provided portrait artists with greater resources.

Conference Entertainment Ideas

Having a Casino Night can work Wonders!

Casino night is a great idea not because it’s fun to gamble but because it can be a fun way to implement team building. At this event each person is given a certain number of chips and one raffle ticket at the beginning of the night. At the end of the night they can exchange their winnings for tickets toward a raffle. The more they win the better their chances of winning a prize in the raffle. Corporate branded items like Amazon gift cards or certain sponsors of the event can provide the prizes.

How about a Comedy Act?

Comedy acts can be fun and a great way to lighten the mood of a corporate event. Of course, the performers should be carefully screened ahead of time to ensure they don’t say or act out anything offensive. Seek a comedian who specializes in office humor.

A Theme Event can be Great Fun!

How about hosting a grown-up theme party like a Mardi Gras or a 1960’s rock-n-roll night? Thrift shops and party planning stores have props and decorations. You can serve snacks and food that reflect the theme and offer entertainment that will blend in with the event. Ask those coming to dress up to coordinate with the theme.

To conclude, conference entertainment ideas are ideas that can make any conference event fun and entertaining!

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