Five Essential Tips for Boiler Servicing for Homeowners

Boiler Servicing for Homeowners

Five Essential Tips for Boiler Servicing for Homeowners

Boiler servicing is an important part of maintaining your home each year. It’s required to ensure that your gas boiler is running efficiently and that no parts need to be replaced in order for the boiler to be operational throughout the entire winter.
A gas boiler service can be quite an investment in your home, however, and there are some things you need to know about the servicing of your boiler, as well as about taking care of the boiler and your home yourself when a professional may not be needed to conduct the gas boiler servicing. These five tips are important for every homeowner to know.

Get Gas Boiler Servicing Regularly

By getting a boiler service each year before winter hits, you will ensure that no major damage is being done to your gas boiler because something isn’t running properly.

A servicing will ensure that things are all running smoothly and efficiently, which will save you money on heating costs in the long run and will help add years to the life of your boiler as well. Once you’ve established yourself with a boiler servicing company or technician, it will be easy to schedule the servicing each year and you will begin to build a rapport with them over time. They will know your boiler system very well and will be able to predict when certain parts may need to be replaced, which will allow you more time to save up for the repairs.

Check Credentials of Boiler Servicing Technicians

Even if you’ve worked with the same company for a long time, but now they are sending a new technician, you need to see the credentials of this new technician. You need to know that he is qualified to conduct the boiler servicing on your home. Many times, homeowners insurance or a home warranty won’t cover damages caused by a technician or company that wasn’t properly certified to work on your home and you’ll have to go through legal channels to get any kind of compensation to pay for costly repairs needed because of the boiler servicing not being done properly. A gas boiler service is an important part of home maintenance and should be done only by those qualified to conduct the work. Research what the proper credentials are for your area, and for companies you should check to make sure they are listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Get More Than One Quote for Boiler Servicing

A gas boiler service can be quite expensive with some companies, and a ‘service’ may mean different things to different companies or technicians. Be sure to get multiple quotes, along with the details of what each quote includes as far as the work goes so that you can compare the costs and what you actually need versus what you are being offered. It’s not always smart to choose the cheapest, but the most expensive might not be the best value either. Try looking up reviews that others have left for these companies or repairmen online so that you can get a feel for their quality of work and their work ethic, but keep in mind that many people only post reviews when something goes wrong. If you use a company or technician once and don’t feel comfortable doing so again, then feel free to go through the process of getting quotes for the servicing again. There may be new or better companies available to help you with your boiler servicing.

Have a Boiler Servicing Technician Show You How to Turn Off the Gas at the Mains

All homeowners should know how to turn off the gas to their boiler system at the mains in case there is something wrong with the boiler or something wrong with the gas lines coming into the house. You will need to call a specialized company or technician to come to fix the problem before the mains can be turned back on again, but being able to turn off the gas is crucial. If gas is leaking into the home, a company or technician capable of gas boiler service may not be able to get there in time to shut off the gas to the home before the gas levels reach dangerous levels. When you have someone come out for a boiler servicing, make sure they show you how to turn off the gas at the mains so that you know in the event there is an emergency that requires it.

Make Sure Your Boiler Servicing Includes Bleeding the Radiators

Pliers and radiatorBy bleeding the radiators, you will ensure that your system is running efficiently. Bleeding of the radiators should be done once each year, just before winter, about the same time as your gas boiler service. You can have someone show you how to bleed the radiators and you can do it yourself or you can have this service added on to your specialized company that is performed by a certified company or technician. This service may or may not be a part of regular servicing from the company or technician you choose to do your boiler servicing, but any qualified technician will be able to do it.

These five gas boiler service tips are essential for all homeowners to know if they are the proud owners of a gas boiler system. The gas boiler will thank you for many years of hard work if it’s taken care of and one way you can ensure that it is taken care of is with regular maintenance and with yearly servicing from a certified technician. Be sure to do your research when you choose your technician or the company that hires your technician and is sure you know everything that your servicing entails. Schedule your boiler servicing in advance each year to get the best rates and to ensure that the company or technician will have time to service your boiler before winter comes!

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