Quick Fixes to Update Your Bathroom

Update Your Bathroom
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Quick Fixes to Update Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of those rooms that don’t always get high on the priority list in terms of decorating. This is bizarre as it’s one of the most often used rooms in the house and it probably takes the most wear and tear. In fact, it would probably need refreshing more often than other rooms like the living room or dining room.

Perhaps we’re more concerned about what reception rooms look like as these are the rooms all our visitors will see, while the bathroom is essentially a private domain.

But if you want to give your bathroom a new lease of life without spending a fortune, here are a few suggestions.


A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any bathroom. It’s worth spending the extra on special bathroom paint as it will cope better with the condensation and therefore last longer than normal emulsion.

Change the shower

A decent shower can make a world of difference to any bathroom. You can easily get a new shower fitted, or if you’re handy, fit it yourself. A Mira shower is a great option as the range extends from electric showers – which are cheap to install and run – through to power showers which will make you feel like you’re bathing in a tropical storm!

perfect showers


Bathrooms can be one of the worse rooms in the house for accumulating clutter. It’s so easy just to add more bottles and jars of shower gel, shampoo, body lotion etc, to the ones you already have. Sort through all your toiletries, bin the ones you no longer want and get a good-sized cabinet to store everything that you’re keeping – rather than lining the sides of the bath and the windowsill with them. It’s amazing how much better your bathroom will look with empty surfaces.

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Just a few simple changes will transform your bathroom, with no need to replace the bathroom suite. Give it a go and see how much nicer a place your bathroom can be!

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